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حقوق جهاني بشر از ديدگاه اسلام و غرب

Human Universal Rights, A Comparative Research in Islam and the West

Also available in English, this book makes a comparison of the Human Rights in social/legal basics of the West and those in Islam. As well as introducing the correct roots and origins of human rights, Allameh Jafari points out details that have been ignored in the Human Rights, and led to social and political problems in the current world. He does, however, consider 80 per cent of the Human Rights as in accordance with proven laws and principles.

حكمت اصول سياسي اسلام

Islam's Political Philosophy

A translation and interpretation of Imam Ali's order to Malik Ashtar, this book takes a comprehensive look at the principles of Islamic politics. It focuses on the fundamentals of intellectual political rule and human management in Islam, pointing out the necessary qualities of an Islamic ruler and comparing the prerequisites of governments in Islamic civilizations with those of other civilizations – in fact, it may be called a comparative research of international politics.

بررسي فقهي و حقوقي طرح ژنوم انساني

A Legal and Jurisprudential Study of the Human Genome Project

As cloning is vastly developing in techniques and technology, there is increasing concern and alarm about all over the world. This book includes Allameh Jafari's answers to questions on the issue. Also available in English. 

جبر و اختيار

Fatalism and Free Will

The three chapters of this book – entitled "A Look at Fatalism and Freedom from the Natural Aspect," "A Look at Fatalism and Freedom from a Supernatural aspect," and "The Side Effects of Fatalism and Free Will" – are related and still separate. The Allameh has also discussed the characteristics of will, the difference between tendency and will, the difference between will and decision, fate and many other issues.

فلسفه دين

The Philosophy of Religion

During the 1990s, with the arising of religious analyses became more popular – with, however, mostly Western points of view – Allameh Jafari decided to clarify the existing dark points by beginning his discussions on the philosophy of religion, studying the historical, psychological and philosophical roots of religion from sociological and mystical aspects. The study of religion from the legal aspects of "external and internal religion" knowledge is a quite significant part of this book, for the Allameh has pointed out over 100 legal/intellectual principles which can only arise out of religion. 

مجموعه آثار 12 ـ انسان شناسی

A Research Concerning the Human Being

مجموعه آثار 13 ـ فلسفۀ اخلاق و تعلیم و تربیت

Philosophy of Ethics and Education

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