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The Allameh Jafari Institute (AJI) was inaugurated in 1995 under the name of Keramat Publications, aiming to preserve and propagate the thoughts of Allameh Jafari. After the Allameh's decease, it found a new name and expanded its goals, and has up to now continued its risky, cultural endeavors. Thanks to God's help and the kindness we have received from the Iranian nation, we have tried – to the best of our capacity – to introduce and present the Allameh's thoughts and propagate religious culture. We consider it an honor to be able to serve people in this way. A privately owned institute managed by the late Allameh's family, the AJI has undertaken activities like publishing, translating, researching and preparing software based on Allameh Jafari's works.  It gives us great pleasure to inform those interested in Allameh Jafari's works that a brief biography and study of the Allameh's thoughts and works has been compiled in this brochure. We have tried to describe him beyond all praises or descriptions, and focus on his dynamic, innovative thoughts, for Allameh Jafari was a native of thoughts rather than an individual confined to one nation. His truly original status was confirmed by his profound, fundamental thoughts. His authentically innovative ideas such as reasonable life, the four relationships, the six questions, man as he should be and man as he is, which have altogether formed a comprehensive anthropological, ideological system, are the best ways to introduce him.  We owe our deepest gratitude to all of those who have devotedly helped us, and hope dear readers excuse our any errors or shortcomings. 


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